SDG&E Rate Increase Alert!

SDG&E announces 10.9% rate increase.

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You might have noticed this chart in one of your recent SDG&E bills. This year San Diego will be raising their residential rates by 10.9% when we are already 7% higher than the current average California electricity rate and 37% higher than the average national electricity rate. The annual National Rate Study was released recently and the numbers are alarming! For lower consumption users San Diego has the 4th largest average electricity bill in the United States.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, it gets worse for those who consume more energy. San Diego has the highest average electricity cost in the nation by a significant amount! Just under $60 per month than the next highest city, Honolulu.

Last year as part of SDG&E’s Rate Reform plan ( you can find more information about that here ) they decreased the 4 tiered structure down to 2. What this effectively means for customers is people who use lower amounts of electricity likely saw a $1-$7 monthly increase and if you were already on one of the higher tiers your would end up seeing a $5 decrease. This change effectively made the majority of customers pay more for their energy consumption. For those who consume more energy and are now thinking, “well for me that means I save money”, SDG&E wants to change that for you too. Later this year their announced Super User Surcharge will be coming. This will, in their words, “penalize people who have excessive energy consumption” and that means for those of you with higher bills will be seeing that increase in the very near future.

This isn’t something new or a one time change. SDG&E raises the rates an average of 7% annually. The best way to protect yourself from the rising rate hikes is to go solar. We can help you immediately save up to 50% off your monthly energy costs and with us being one of the few certified Tesla Powerwall Installers in San Diego, we can design a system that will maximize your savings for its entire lifetime.

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