Envoys Wifi Connection

To re-establish the internet connection to your Envoy follow these simple steps:
  1. Activate the WPS function on your home router by depressing the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) button.
  2. Activate the WPS function on your Envoy by pressing and holding the top button of your Envoy until the top light (next to the icon) begins to blink, then release.

Once the top light on the Envoy begins to blink, the WPS function has been enabled and the network connection begins to be established between the Envoy and your home internet router. This light will turn solid green once the network connection has been successfully reestablished.


  • If the Envoy has been disconnected from the internet, current data may not be available for immediate review following the reestablishment of a network connection. While the Envoy is disconnected from the internet, it stores the system production data in its internal memory until the network connection is reestablished. Once a network connection is provided to the device, the stored memory is passed to the MyEnlighten web portal. After the backlogged data has been successfully uploaded current data will be displayed in the Portal.

Upload processing time of historic data varies depending on system size and internet signal strength.

  • If your internet router or Wi-Fi password has changed, please contact the Solare Energy’s Service Department for password reset instructions.