Analysis of System Production and Home Consumption Trends

When trying to determine if your solar system is meeting its projected energy production your original system proposal can be very helpful. Within the proposal report, system owners can view the projected production trends for their solar system and the historical site consumption trends (for which the system was sized).

Is your system meeting its projected production?

To determine if the system is meeting its projected production, simply compare the data between the system production figures provided by your online monitoring portal and the projected production listed in your proposal.

  1. The projected production trends for your system can be found on page four of the original system proposal as seen here: The Solar Production is displayed in yellow and projected in kWh/month
  • Note: Production Data is assessed most accurately from a seasonal (or annual) standpoint rather than a monthly standpoint.

Please contact the service department if you have a loss disparity of over 35% in one month.

2. Your Annual Production Data can be found in the yearly production view from your solar monitoring portal.

Click to view an example of the annual production layout on your system monitoring homepage

Enphase SolarEdge SMA

Has the energy consumption of the home changed since the system install?
To determine if the home consumption trends have shifted, simply calculate your current home consumption and compare it to the historic consumption listed in your original proposal.

  1. To calculate your current home consumption, combine the monthly production data reported from the solar system with the additional energy consumed from your power company.

-Monthly Production Data is viewable from your solar system monitoring portal (as seen here: link)

-Monthly Energy Consumption from the power utility can be found on the Net Energy Metering Summary Page under the column titled “Total kWh” (Page 4 of your bill, as seen here )

Note: The billing date reflects the energy consumed from the power company for the previous month’s time frame.

2. The view your historic consumption trends reference page four of the original system proposal as seen here:

Note:The Historic Consumption data is displayed in blue under “Monthly Consumption and Savings”; it is measured and displayed in kWh/month