Solar Buying & Installation Process

Solar Buying Process

Here at Solare Energy, we try to make the solar buying process as easy and quick as possible for you. After requesting a solar quote.

Step 1: Request a solar quote to get the information you need to help you make the best solar purchase for you and your home.

Step 2: We will set an appointment that best fits into your schedule so an Energy Analyst can come out and assess your home. The items they will need to look at are roof slope and pitch, roof shading, and the current breaker box.

Step 3: After the property assessment the Energy Analyst will walk you through all the equipment and finance options to find the best fit for your situation. Once you have made your selections they will design a custom solar system for you.

Step 4: After the system has been designed and you are happy with it, all you need to do is sign the contract and we will set the date for the install!

Step 5: If you have purchased a Tesla Powerwall we will gather the necessary documents for you to sign so we can submit your rebate application. After the State Rebate has been reserved we will need a deposit from you to submit to the Center For Sustainable Energy and after we install the Powerwall, you will receive your rebate check.

Solar Installation Process:

Step 1: After you’ve signed your solar system contract, we will send the designs out to get a permit from your local city or county building and land use department.

Step 2: Once your system plans have been approved and the permits have been issued our Project Manager Eliza will set a date to get your system installed.

Step 3: The system install will take on average 2 days and the crew will make it as convenient for you as possible.

Step 4: After the system is installed we will get it inspected and approved by SDG&E and they will give the approval to turn your system on.

Step 5: Enjoy your savings!