Innovative Solare Intelligent Energy in San Diego, CA

Inteliigent Solar Energy system in San Diego, CA

Get Smart About Solar Energy

Installing a solar panel system is a smart move for your home’s energy consumption levels. However, there’s a way to further optimize your energy usage, and therefore your savings – Solare Intelligent Energy. The Solare Intelligent Energy System works with modern technology and other integrative devices in your home to create a central hub that monitors your energy consumption. Solare Intelligent Energy automatically makes adjustments – based on the settings you prescribe – to decrease your energy waste. Get in touch with our solar panel experts in San Diego, CA, to learn more about Solare Intelligent Energy.

Integrate Your Smart Devices with Solare Intelligent Energy

The Solare Intelligent Energy System integrates your smart devices to create a truly intelligent home that is more affordable, comfortable, secure, and efficient. Today, many of our devices are independently connected, including appliances, vehicles, batteries, and yes – solar panel systems. These smart devices work well on their own, but they work best when they are integrated. The Solare Intelligent Energy System groups control of these devices together in a single location.

Our system optimizes its operation based on your personal preferences, as well as external factors. Some external factors that Solare Intelligent Energy uses to inform its functions are power outages, solar production, the weather, and seasonal and time-of-use electricity rates. The Solare Intelligent Energy System allows you to maximize comfort while keeping your home healthy and secure and reducing your energy costs.

Cut Your Home’s Cooling and Heating Costs

The Solare Intelligent Energy System works well with smart thermostats. By itself, a smart thermostat can keep your home comfortable and save you between 10 and 20 percent on energy costs by running heating and cooling equipment only when needed. However, integrating your smart thermostat with the Solare Intelligent Energy System allows you to have more refined optimization based on solar production and time-of-use electric rates. This way, your house is cooled with less energy, and you can get home to a comfortable space, all while cutting your cooling costs in half. In the same way, you can integrate your smart thermostat with Solare Intelligent Energy, you can integrate your furnaces, water heaters, electric vehicle chargers, and other devices. Contact us to learn more about this system and other residential energy solutions we provide.

A Reliable Battery-Powered Energy System

The Solare Intelligent Energy System is your best option if you want reliable power in your home 24/7, even during a power outage. During a blackout, our system uses battery technologies to maintain power to your home’s security systems, such as electronic gates, door locks, garage openers, cameras, and occupancy sensors, keeping you safe when the power is out. It also backs up power across your home.

Smart Savings with the Solare Intelligent Energy System

Our Solare Intelligent Energy System takes saving even further with what we call ‘rate arbitrage’: the battery stores power when costs are low and discharges it when power costs go back up, saving you more. The system will also provide your home the ability to use more of the solar array’s energy and remain powered during a blackout. Experience clean, reliable power 24 hours a day for less.

A Truly Intelligent Energy System

The best part about the Solare Intelligent Energy System is that it constantly changes and learns to better meet your energy needs. It updates settings automatically as electricity rate structures change and new utility programs become available. Furthermore, by partnering with leading home automation and smart appliance manufacturers, we can send equipment updates to your Solare system to ensure that it complies with the latest communication protocols and technologies. We want to ensure that your home always stays connected.

Contact Solare to Learn More

The Solare Intelligent Energy System is the perfect complement for your solar panel system if you want to truly experience energy efficiency and cost savings. Contact Solare Energy to speak with an expert who can help you get set up with our innovative system.

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