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Solar Energy Solutions for Your Home and Business

For more than 25 years, Solare Energy has been working in San Diego County, CA, to provide quality solar energy solutions to homes, businesses, and non-profits. We have installed more than 2,000 solar energy systems and 220 battery systems across the state, helping our clients save a total of more than $7 million. Our clients maximize their savings through the innovative Solare Intelligent Energy System, which allows them to integrate their energy consumption with smart devices in their homes. Solare Energy is known throughout San Diego for quality service and knowledgeable energy analysts who help clients make the right decisions about their energy needs. Call us today to get started.

Custom Solar Solutions That Meet Your Needs

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Get in touch with us for solar PV installation, electric vehicle charging stations, solar water and pool heating, and battery systems. We are also pleased to offer our unique Solare Intelligent Energy System. When it comes to solar panels, we don’t stop at seamless installation. Once our panels are a part of your home, we use remote monitoring technology to make sure your system remains functioning at its best.

Energy efficiency is important to your business’s bottom line. In addition to our standard services, Solare Energy provides energy efficiency analysis and upgrades for our commercial clients, as well as integrated solution design and Energy Star benchmark and certification.

More and more non-profits are discovering the many benefits of going solar, including allowing them to use more of their money to impact their community. Get in touch to talk about financing options for non-profits.

Whether or not your solar energy system was installed by Solare Energy, we can provide maintenance services to help your system stay functioning at its best. Call us for system repairs or upgrades.

Our integrative energy system allows our clients to save even more. Connect your home’s smart devices to a central hub that adjusts your energy usage to meet your needs.

Solare Energy is renowned for its quick and easy buying and installation process. Once we have helped you figure out the design that’s right for you, we take it from there. After all, the sooner you get your system installed, the sooner you can start saving.

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Schedule a Virtual Consultation

Schedule a convenient time for a one-hour virtual consultation with one of our energy analysts. During your consultation, our analyst will examine the roof, shading, and electrical service panel of the building that requires solar panels. Then, they will help you figure out which kind of system might be right for you, as well as talking through financing options. If you would rather meet with us in person, call us today to schedule an at-home consultation at a time that works for you.

Call Today to Speak with an Energy Analyst

Our energy analysts can answer any questions you might have about getting a solar or battery system installed in your home or at your business. Contact us today to speak with an analyst, or visit our office on Padgett Street in San Diego.

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