The Ins and Outs of Buying and Installing Solar Panels

When you choose Solare Energy to take care of your home’s energy needs, you can rest assured that the solar panel buying and installation will be quick, smooth, and easy. We take the work off your hands; all you have to do is approve a design that works for you and your home. Solare Energy has been helping residents in San Diego lower their energy costs for more than 25 years. Contact us today to learn how you can start saving.

Why Should I Install Solar Panels?

One of the most widely recognized reasons for installing solar panels is the immense savings one can observe on their energy bill. Outside of your energy savings, your solar panels might be eligible for rebates and tax credits, meaning even more money in your pocket. Solar panels are better for the environment, too!

The Solar Panel Buying Process at Solare Energy

The sooner you have solar panels installed in your home, the better. That’s why we make the buying process as quick and easy as possible, with only a few steps involved.

  • Request a quote to arm yourself with the information you need to make the best decision about solar panels for your home.
  • Set an appointment that meets your scheduling needs for an energy analyst to assess your home. During your at-home assessment, the solar panel expert will look at the slope and pitch of your roof, your current breaker box, and roof shading.
  • Next, your energy analyst will walk you through all the options available to you, including equipment and financing, to get the best solar panel specifications for your home.
  • Once you have made your selections, we will design a custom solar panel system for you.
  • Once you’re satisfied with our designs and specifications, we seal the deal with a contract and set the date for installation.
  • If you purchase a Tesla Powerwall, we will submit a state rebate application on your behalf and work with you through processing.

Solare Energy’s Solar Panel Installation Process

Once you’ve found the perfect solar panel system for your home, leave it to us to carry out a quick and seamless installation. The solar panel installation process is easy at Solare because we do everything for you.

  • Once you’ve approved your new solar panel system, we do the legwork of getting permit approvals from your local city or county building and land use department.
  • Once we have permits in hand, we finalize a date for your solar panel installation.
  • Next, for an average of two days, our installation crew works around your schedule to install your new panels.
  • Once your system is fully installed, we work with San Diego Gas and Electric to get it inspected and approved.
  • Once your solar panel system is approved, all that’s left is for you to enjoy massive savings!

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Choose Solare Energy for Your Solar Needs

Solare Energy has been serving San Diego County for more than 25 years, and over 2,000 customers across the county have been enjoying energy savings through our efficient solar panels. Our proprietary Solare Intelligent Energy System allows our clients to save more and helps them to remain in full control of their home’s energy consumption. We strive to make the solar panel buying and installation process as easy as possible for our residential clients. Use our savings calculator to find out how much you could save with a Solare system.

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Massive savings are at your fingertips! Enjoy a streamlined buying and installation process when you choose Solare Energy to power your home. Contact us today.