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Foglio Family

Tired of paying the high prices of their utility provider, the Foglio family contacted Solare Energy to find a solution for their energy needs. Our energy analysts reviewed their monthly bills and found that they could be saving substantially by installing a home solar panel system. Knowing how much they could save, they were still hesitant because they didn’t want to ruin the curb appeal of their beautiful home with unsightly solar panels. Solare Energy’s system designers created a plan to install the solar panels on the side and back sections of the roof, keeping them out of view and maintaining the beauty of their home.

“Our energy bills were outrageous, especially when heating the house in Winter. We knew the value of solar, but didn’t want to put panels on the roof because it would deplete the view of the house from the street. Solare designed a system that was hidden from view and made the installation process quick and easy. Now we aren’t worried about turning on the heat or air conditioning, and our home is always comfortable.”

System Size: 4.41 k

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